Sir Oakley

Aging Paladin of Bahamut


A devout paladin ofBahamut, the aaina Sir Oakley wants nothing more from the years left to him than to see evil puraed from the ruins of old Gardmore Abbey.

Sir Oakley is an aging knight who claims descent from the legendary founder of Gardmore Abbey, Gardrin the Hammer. However, as he grows older and confronts his mortality, he has set out on one last quest he intends to complete or die trying: to purge the evil from Gardmore Abbey and reestablish it as a bastion of good in the Rethild Vale.

Appearance: Oakley is a towering, broad-shouldered human unbowed by age, despite his white hair and beard. He wears plate armor that looks as if it’s been on display in a museum, and he keeps it scrupulously clean and polished to a shine even while traveling.

Values: Oakley is a devout follower of Bahamut and lives by his god’s commands to uphold the ideals of honor and justice, remain vigilant against evil and oppose its spread, and protect the weak, liberate the oppressed, and defend just order. In particular, he is haunted by the fact that evil has taken over what was once a holy place and is driven to see it reclaimed.

Behavior: Oakley is honest, forthright, and compassionate in his interactions with others. He speaks formally, and he listens politely without interrupting. He strokes his beard when he’s thinking or talking.

Useful Knowledge: Oakley knows the general layout of the abbey-the village, Dragon’s Roost, and the vaults and catacombs that lie beneath. He knows nothing about the specific creatures that inhabit the abbey.


Sir Oakley

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