Lord Padraig

Lord of Talar


The beleaguered lord of Talar holds the safety of his village above all else, but he is smart enou9h to look beyond the village walls and see in the surrounding area threats that could soon affect his home.

Lord Ernest Padraig is the hereditary ruler of Talar, descended from a long line of pioneers and heroes who established a keep at the edge of the known world and held it for centuries against all manner of threats. He is a competent soldier and a reasonable ruler, but not a hero. He’s wise enough to see the dangers lurking in the wilderness around his village, but he lacks not only the authority to send a military force beyond the walls to face such threats but also the adventurous spirit to confront them alone. Instead, he relies on adventurers to vanquish the dangers of the wilds before they can threaten Talar’s walls.

Appearance: Padraig is a tall, slender male human whose dark hair is liberally sprinkled with gray, though his face is still young. He dresses in aging finery and carries a longsword at his belt.

Values: Padraig’s primary concern is the safety of Talar. He takes his position as hereditary lord of the village seriously, and he wants to honor the memory of his ancestors and predecessors who defended the tiny outpost of civilization from the encroaching wilderness for centuries. He respects Talar’s elders and leaders but grows increasingly frustrated with what he sees as their inability to look beyond their walls and the present moment to see threats that might affect the village.

Behavior: Padraig is proud, cultured, and willful. He is quick to anger when he feels he’s been insulted, but equally quick to respond to an apology. As soon as the adventurers have completed their first quest for him, he treats them as close friends and confidants.

Useful Knowledge: Padraig is familiar with the broad outline of the abbey’s history but knows nothing about its layout or its current inhabitants-except that he believes the ore raiders that have been troubling the King’s Road are using it as a hideout. He is familiar with the rest of the Rethild Vale, and he knows Talar like the back of his hand. He can secure favors from anyone in the village.


Lord Padraig

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