Berrian Velfarren

Noble fey knight searching for his long-vanished father,


Long ago, an eladrin knight named Zandrian Velfarren left his home in the city ofMithrendain, pursuing a mysterious quest he never explained to his family. He left behind a wife and two infant children, Analastra and Berrian. His wife died soon after his departure, leaving the children in the custody of an older relative. As soon as Analastra and Berrian came of age, they left Mithrendain and set off on a long quest to find their father. Accompanied by a small group of retainers, they have scoured the Feywild and the world alike for over a century to find traces of their father’s passing. Now that journey has led them to Gardmore Abbey. Berrian is sure that he is close to discovering his father’s destiny, but the abbey is infested with monsters-and now Analastra has disappeared. Even though he is poised on the verge of completing his quest, he feels in danger oflosing everything.

Appearance: Berrian is a tall, graceful eladrin with the ethereal beauty and wisdom of the fey. His hair is pale gold, and his eyes are solid orbs of pearlescent silver. He wears a coat of chainmail woven from mithral beneath an embroidered tunic of green and gray, and a slender sword
hangs at his belt.

Values: Berrian’s sole priority is his family-first his sister, then his father, and finally the retainers who have accompanied him on his journey. He defends his charges fiercely against any threat and refuses to admit any distraction from his quest to find his father. No ethical principle guides his action except the loyalty of kinship and, secondarily, the honor that derives from repaying favors done.

Behavior: Berrian is aloof and mysterious, yet passionate and mercurial. He responds quickly and angrily to any insult, though he uses harsh words before violence unless the insult is severe. His mood shifts back to calm and kindness equally quickly, accompanied by apparent changes in the light around him and even the weather. He does not readily reveal his reasons for being in the abbey’s ruins, requiring the adventurers to prove their trustworthiness before he opens up to them.

Useful Knowledge: Berrian has traveled extensively in the Feywild and the world, but his nowledge of Gardmore Abbey is limited to the Feygrove and the orcs of the village. He also knows a little about the evil of the watchtower.


Berrian Velfarren

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