Mottled Tower

The Mottled Tower stands within a dry moat atop a low, steep hill on the periphery of the village. Constructed of cut and dressed stone, the tower is in good repair. The sage Falrinth lives within, attended by his apprentice, Serten.

First Floor

The tower’s ground floor is used mainly for storage, with two smaller chambers set up as a kitchen and pantry. Large sliding doors of iron in the east wall provide access for crates, barrels, and so forth.
Pantry: Shelves crammed with foodstuffs line the walls of this room. Boxes, crates and barrels are stacked neatly against the wall.
Kitchen: A large fireplace dominates this chamber. The cupboards are stuffed with food stuffs and cooking paraphernalia is organized on the sideboards.

Second Floor

Falrinth uses the second floor as his living space. A curtained-off section holds a four-poster bed, while a large banquet table dominates the rest of the chamber.

Third Floor

A library, laboratory, and guest room make up this level. Falrinth does most of his work and research here.
Library: High wooden bookshelves dominate this chamber with a table in the middle of the room.
Laboratory: This large chamber has a lot of work space for the sages laboratory equipment. He has all sorts of scientific paraphernalia.
Guest Quarters: Falrinth’s guest room sees use only infrequently, as the antisocial sage seldom welcomes visitors. This plainly furnished room is currently occupied by Megan Swiftblade

Fourth Floor

Falrinth’s apprentice Serten sleeps here, and the sage keeps several monsters caged in this area as part of his questionable research.

Fifth Floor

The only features of note on this level are the tower’s battlements and chimney stack.

Features of the Tower

Illumination: Dim light (sun or moonlight filtering through the tower’s narrow windows on the fourth floor, a few guttering candles and torches on lower floors).
Wooden Doors: Doors within the tower are not locked.
Walls: The inside walls are of wooden slats over thick posts.
Floors: Worn oaken floorboards over heavy joists make up the floors.
Ceilings: Ceilings are the joists and bare floorboards of the level above, and are 20 feet high.
Spiral Staircase: A wooden spiral staircase climbs the height of the tower, providing access to all levels.
Narrow Windows: Window slits in the stone walls allow dim light into the tower’s interior. These windows are shuttered both inside and out.
External Staircase: This covered walkway spirals around the tower, providing access between the second, third, and fourth floors.

Mottled Tower

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